Meet Our Team

Chuck – Owner / President

With his “lead by example” and “customer first” way of thinking, as well as his 30+ years of experience in heavy industrial construction, Chuck has built Healdworks, Inc. into a healthy, thriving business. He attributes much of his success to the knowledge and skills acquired while working in both a “hands on” capacity and in high level management for Award winning Turner Construction, Badger Industrial Contractors as well as Fortune 500 contractor Kiewit-Western and others. These companies are where his commitment to not only safety and efficiency, but seeing a job through until completion was strengthened.

When asked, what the key to running a successful business is, He will tell you, “Yes, it’s education, experience, hard work, but most important, it’s your employees. They are around you every day and are really the ones that make it all happen”.

While the day to day orchestration of running a diverse business such as Healdworks, Inc. keeps Chuck at a pretty quick pace and requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice, he always tries to find time for the things he appreciates most.

Teri – Customer Service / Sales

Who says work can’t be fun? Teri is almost “always” smiling and her humor keeps everyone around her doing the same. Her background in retail sales and customer service has given her everything she needs for the day to day customer care she provides. Teri is always willing to help with any task put before her, whether the request comes from a customer or a co-worker.

Deb – Sales & Marketing / Design

With a diverse background in sales & marketing, production, and design, Deb brings her experience and sense of style to the many aspects of her job at Healdworks, Inc.. Ask Deb what her favorite part of her work day is, and she’ll tell you, it’s visiting with people and helping them find what they really need. She especially enjoys when her design background is put to use during different aspects of the container modification process.

Mark – Carpenter

Mark is our humble “Master Carpenter” who says, “He’s just a guy who used to build treehouses”. Well, they must have been some pretty cool treehouses! Mark doesn’t only work on container modifications but oversees much of the on-site construction in our multiple locations. His creativity and attention to detail is definitely a cornerstone to the success of Healdworks, Inc.. We couldn’t do it without him.