Specialty Containers

Open Side Units

An open side container has the same features as a standard shipping container or storage container. The container is comprised of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels throughout, lockable double doors on one end, as well as 1-1/8” thick marine plywood flooring on the interior. The major difference is the two additional bi-fold doors on one of the side walls. The inner portion of the bi-fold doors can be opened similarly to the standard doors on the end of the container. You can also open the bi-fold portion as well, giving you access to the entire side of the container. An open side storage container is also referred to as a full-side access container, side access container or a side opening storage container.

The open side containers are available in 20ft and 40ft lengths. They are also available in both standard height (8’6”H) and high cube (9’6”H) varieties (depending on availability). Open side containers are particularly useful when it comes to loading and unloading over-sized materials. This is also a unique option for use in the container modifications.

Multi Opening Units

  • Easy access to all of your stored goods
  • Add interior partitions for the perfect addition to your “on-site storage” facility.

Micro-Mini Containers

More information on our New Micro Mini Storage Containers Coming Soon!

>Download the Micro Mini Container Spec Sheet

Open Top Units

Open Top Containers are available in 20ft and 40ft lengths. The above open section of the unit is covered by either removable soft tarps or hard steel tops. These containers are designed for items that are too tall to fit through a standard container door or that need to be loaded by crane from the top. They are excellent for loose or bulk material storage as well as a great option for tiny cabins and office modifications.

Half Height Open Top Units

Half Height shipping containers are the most convenient way of transporting heavy industrial bulk loads like ores, mining consumables or concentrates. They are manufactured and lined to be versatile and robust to withstand the rough mining and industrial environment. Great Description…We think they would make a great swimming pool. Coming Soon!!!

External Dimensions

Internal Dimensions

Door Opening

Hatch Opening

Roof Opening


Length: 19′ 10″ Length: 19′ 2″ Length: N/A Header Width: 5′ 6″ Length: 18’8″ Max. Gross Weight (lbs): 77,160
Width: 7’ 11″ Width: 7’ Width: 7′ 2″ Width: 7′ 1″  Width: 6′ 11″ Estimated Tare Weight (lbs): 6,940
Height: 4’ 9” Height: 3’ 11”  Height: 3′ 4″ Height: 3′ 3″  Height: N/A Inside Cubic Capacity: 549 Cubic Feet