Company Bio

Healdworks, Inc. with multiple locations in the heart of the Rocky Mountains has become a diverse company with customer service, innovation and confidence at the forefront. Since we believe it’s good to know who you’re doing business with, here’s our story…

We started out in 2000 as a welding & fabrication company, building trailers, flatbeds, installing hitches as well as creating unique custom builds, some of which have been seen on nationally televised sports channels.

In 2001 West Side Storage,LLC, a traditional on-site storage facility became a part of our business and quickly grew from three mini storage buildings to six. In 2005, with the growing need for additional storage buildings, but not a lot of time for construction, we purchased shipping containers to accommodate the overflow. This proved to be a well received storage option in our community and has now expanded to additional locations dedicated to “on site” container storage and RV /Boat storage.

The portability of containers and a desire by many of our customers to have the convenience of this type of storage on their property, inspired us to take the leap into container sales & rentals. This aspect of our business grew and continues to grow to this day as we strive to bring service & products of integrity to our customers. This transition also presented a need for a transportation division. Healdworks Trucking, LLC was formed in 2006 and has since been providing driver expertise & safety, as we deliver and relocate containers as well as furnish custom freight hauling.

With the creative foundation of Healdworks, Inc. in tact and the growing focus of containers being re-purposed, we expanded once again. This time into container modifications with projects spanning from custom paint jobs, different types of door and window installations, to an industrial refuge chamber for the Rio Grande Silver Mine.  Tiny cabins and offices equipped with heating, electricity & specialized interiors soon followed. We are excited to be a part of this industry as we move forward with a newly completed shop expansion as well as the formation of a great design team to facilitate this unique building process.  Underway is the design phase of inventive 2-3 bedroom container “houses” that will fit many tastes and budgets while providing basis for green living.

As we do our best to offer the latest innovation in container storage & modification, we strive to always meet the individual needs of our customers. You are the biggest part of Healdworks, Inc.. And we are grateful for the opportunity to your earn your business and your trust!

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Healdworks, Inc. Team. We are here for you!