Container FAQs

Q: What Size container do I need?

A: Container FAQs -A good place to start is to determine the available space on your property and the size container that this space can accommodate. The information on our size & spec page including external and internal dimensions will be helpful. Once you have established the amount of available space, think about the items that you wish to store, keeping in mind how they can most efficiently be placed in your unit. Allow room for a small path to reach items throughout. You may want to consider shelving to make the most of your space. Once you have looked closely at these variables, deciding on a size should be easy. Don’t hesitate to contact the Healdworks team if you need help.

Q: What do the terms “Wind & Watertight” & “Cargo Worthy” mean?

A: Here are the industry definitions

Wind & Water Tight: Criteria under which containers would literally be “Wind and Water Tight”. This commonly used criteria makes no reference to the quality of understructure of the container and should therefore not be considered as safe for the transport of cargo unless it was explicitly confirmed that containers meet the CSC.

Cargo Worthy: A container that has had a certificate issued by a surveyor pursuant to an inspection confirming a container is suitable for transportation under TIT / UIC (International Union of Railways) / CSC (Convention for Safe Containers).
See below for more industry terms.

All of our containers are inspected by the owner of Healdworks, Inc. From these inspections we can provide you with detailed descriptions as well as photos of interior, exterior, doors & door seals for your review. We understand that this is an investment and it is important to us that our customers know what they are getting and get what they want! To assist you in your review of container options, Healdworks, Inc. has established a container rating system that will help you choose a container to meet your needs.

VGC (Very Good Condition)
Good Condition
Fair Condition
Poor Condition

Q: Do I need a permit to have a container on my property?

A: Generally not, but we suggest always checking with your home owners associations and your town or county land use department.

Q: How do you deliver the container?

A: We deliver with tilt deck trailers. We have several options, including semi truck & trailer (65′ total overall length), smaller tandem axle roll back truck (35′ total overall length) and a 1 ton pick-up truck and trailer (60′ overall length). A 40′ container is usually delivered with a semi. When delivered with a semi and from the point that the container touches ground, we need approximately 130′ to move straight forward.

We can load your container doors either facing the cab of the semi or the back of the trailer. Give thought to how our drivers will enter your property and where exactly you want the container placed as well as which direction you would like the doors to face.

Q: Does the ground that my container will sit on have to be level?

A: It needs to be fairly level, specifically at the 4 corner posts, as these are the weight bearing sections of the container. Making sure these are level will ensure that your doors to function properly.

Q: Do I need to put anything under the container?

A: You don’t have to put anything under your container. Some customers do however choose to set their boxes on a product to help with sub water or run off. If you will be doing this, we suggest road base rather than gravel. Road base settles, gravel shifts. Another option used are railroad ties to raise your container off the ground or to aid in leveling your box. Remember the actual floor is supported by steel cross members that sit approximately 1″ off the ground and above the base of the corner posts.

Q: Can you move my container after I fill it up?

A: A 20′ container filled with household goods (excluding heavy shop equipment, etc.) can usually be moved the same way it was delivered. A 40′ container will require additional equipment. Weight limits are always present. We are happy to discuss your particular situation and help with a plan to move your loaded container safely and efficiently.

Q: Can I ship my container & belongings to another country?

A: Yes. Container certification is required. See shipping abroad for more details.

If your question hasn’t been answered please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We are here to help!

Glossary of useful terms & acronyms from the container world.

Thank you Stephen at Container Services International for the above glossary!

Toxicological Evaluation of Four Wood Treating Products

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