Sales & Rental Information

Healdworks, Inc. is a diverse company with a long and successful history in container sales and rentals. We offer used units as well as new 1-trippers to buy, rent, or rent with the option to purchase.


When looking for a container to buy, units may be reviewed by our customers in two different ways:

  • E-mailed Information: After determining our customer’s criteria, one of our sales representatives will e-mail options with full descriptions* and photos of specific containers for review. After initial review, the container search can be refined and additional options sent to provide choices that accurately fit the customer’s needs. Once a container is chosen, a small deposit is required. Balance is paid in cash or by check to our drivers upon delivery.
  • On-Site Container Sales: Customers may come to one of our locations to review containers in person. Some locations require an appointment. We will always try our best to work with your schedule. Learn more about our locations here.
  • Used container pricing is based on condition. New 1-trippers (containers that have hauled cargo across the ocean once), are priced based on market valuation. Multiple container discounts are available.

*Full descriptions originate from a thorough 5 part inspection of each container. This includes the exterior, interior, roof, floor, and doors and door seals. To provide a complete disclosure of the containers condition, we apply a rating for each part. This includes VGC (very good condition), good, fair and poor. At times, additional details are added to give you the best understanding of your container choices.

Call or email for current container sale pricing.


Containers may be rented with a 3 month minimum requirement. To begin a rental program, we require your 1st 3 months as well as your determined delivery and pick up fees up front.

Some required information to rent a container, include driver’s license number, third party contact and phone number, information about storage content as well as property information. Contact us for more details.

Click here for current rental pricing. For Job Site Office Rental Pricing, see our Contractors Zone.

If you are looking for secure On-Site storage, click here for our locations that offer this option.

Rent With Option to Purchase

Our “rent with the option to purchase” program starts the same way as our rental program. Customers however, will first choose a container that they will eventually purchase. (see “Sales” section above for information on choosing a container) For up to 12 months, every time you make a rental payment, we apply 50% of that payment to the amount owed on the container. At the end of 12 months or when the customer is ready to make their final payment, we will also apply the pick up cost that was paid up front to the amount owed since we won’t be picking up the unit. If after the 12 month period, the customer is not ready to pay the container off, the customer can continue to rent the container. However, at that point no part of the rental payment is applied to the balance owed.

Call or email for more information and current pricing.