Container Components & Features

If you are just learning about containers and how they function as a storage solution, the following information will give you a good understanding of their basic parts and features.

Structure and Flooring

Steel shipping containers have walls that are made from 14 gauge corrugated steel panels that are welded to the main structure. The top and bottom side rails and end frames are 7 gauge tubular steel. Containers are manufactured with a set of doors at the end. Some have doors at both ends and are called double door units (DD). All doors utilize the same mechanics to open, close and seal. the main weight bearing components of a container are the 4 corner posts. Each of these corner posts have “corner castings” at the top and bottom. these are for stacking and lifting purposes when transported on cargo ships. The height of the floor (inside) is roughly 6 3/4″ from the bottom of the corner casting. This 1-1/8″ marine plywood flooring is supported by steel cross members approximately 5 inches tall. The bottom of the cross member comes to just 5/8″ above the bottom of the corner casting. See photos for details. Click here for more information on the marine plywood used in shipping containers.

For more information on the Healdworks, Inc. BIC (Bureau of International Container) code, please see Shipping Abroad.

Lashing Rings

These steel “half loops” called Lashing Rings are installed during manufacturing and are found were the side wall meet both the floor & ceiling. Lashing rings are used for securing cargo during transportation. When containers are used in a storage capacity, these lashing rings are quite useful for hanging different types of shelving units.

Click here to view a variety of custom made storage & practical use items to be used specifically with container lashing rings.

Container Vents

All containers have at least 1-2 vents on each long side. Most of Healdworks, Inc. New 1-trippers come equipped with 5 to 10 vents on each long side as well as 2 on each end. Container vents help to manage condensation and moisture, as well as balance air pressure. Also see information on how to manage condensation & moisture with hanging desiccants.

Container Lockboxes & Door Handles

Utilizing a lockbox gives a higher level of security to items stored by making access to your padlock extremely difficult.  Most of Healdworks new 1-trippers come equipped with a lockbox. After-market lockboxes can also be installed by Healdworks, Inc.