Limon Container Sales, Rentals, Mobile Offices, Refrigerated Units and Modifications

Healdworks, Inc. offers container sales and rentals in Limon, Colorado. We provide container solutions with used units as well as new 1-trippers. Buy, rent, or rent to own.  Healdworks, Inc. also offers container modifications, temporary office units for construction sites and refrigerated containers. Rely on our diverse container solutions and years of experience to get the job done!

Container Rental and Sales

Container Sales

Healdworks, Inc. offers a variety of container sizes available for purchase.  From Micro-Mini Containers, perfect for small storage all the way up to 53-foot High Cube Containers for tackling the largest capacity needs.  When you need a container, we have the solution!

Container Sizes Include:

  • Micro-Mini Containers (5′, 6′, 7′ and 9′ lengths)
  • 8′ Steel Containers
  • 10′ Steel Containers
  • 10′ High Cube Steel Containers
  • 20″ Steel Containers
  • 20′ High Cube Steel Containers
  • 20′ Double Door Containers
  • 40′ Steel Containers
  • 40′ High Cube Steel Containers
  • 40′ Double Door Containers
  • 45′ High Cube Containers
  • 53′ High Cube Containers

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We complete a thorough 5 part inspection of each container whether a new 1-trip unit that we order directly from the manufacturer or a used container that we purchase. This includes the exterior, interior, roof, floor, and doors and door seals. This provides you with a complete disclosure of the containers condition and the best understanding of your container choices.  Learn more about our Container Sales Program.

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Container Rentals

Need on-site storage solutions in Limon?  Not a problem!  Our containers come in a variety of sizes, perfect for any residential or business needs. Containers may be rented for as little as 3 months or as long as you need.  Plus, we deliver the containers directly to your location! On-site storage just became a whole lot simpler.

Learn more about our Rental Program and our Rent to Own Program.

Container Modifications

Steel containers can be modified to fit a variety of uses – not just for simple storage.  We can paint containers, add shelving and ramps for easy access and storage or completely re-think your container with our full service container modifications.

When you are considering container modifications, the possibilities are truly limitless. Explore our residential modifications, office modifications and also check out our Tiny Houses and Tiny Cabins.

At Healdworks, Inc., if you dream it…we can built it!

Mobile Office Rentals

We are your provider of mobile office units in Limon, Colorado.  If you are a construction company needing an on-site office, a real estate development company needing a short-term sales office, or a business needing a temporary office space during renovations – we have the solutions to meet your needs!

With a comprehensive understanding of both heavy industrial construction as well as the dynamics of smaller job sites, Healdworks, Inc. is here to make your job as easy as possible.  Need an office modified for your specific needs?  We can do that too!

Office Unit Solutions:

  • Long or short term office unit rentals.
  • Office Unit Sizes: 20′, 40′, 48′ and 53′
  • Customized container storage & office units built to your specifications.
  • Container shelving & accessories available for organization and efficiency.
  • We deliver the units directly to your job site

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Contact us to help with your job site office, storage & organization!

Container Rental and Sales

Refrigerated Containers, Specialty Containers and Trailers

Refrigerated Units – Click here for more information.

Open Side, Open Top and Multi Opening Containers – Click here for more information.

Flat Rack Trailers, Van Trailers and more – Click here for more information.

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